House. Stress. Again.

I’ll make this short because I’m so annoyed. This house has been a bigger hassel than I ever imagined something could be.

Electricity problems again.

Electrician can not find anything wrong.

Who still uses wooden ladders??

Ladder breaks.

Electrician and wood ladder fall.

Scratch our hardwood floors.

Put big dent and scratches into ridiculously expensive fridge.

Estimate of repair - $700+.

Now, I know the silly wooden ladder and dent is not the home builder’s fault. But maybe, just maybe, if they could build a house where one freaking thing actually works properly we would not have to have repair people at the house!!!

The electrician’s company says they will pay for the repair, but I told Matt he better get a signed letter from the owner/manager agreeing to it because there is no freaking way I’m paying $700 for ONE DOOR because his employee dented it. So far we’ve been unable to contact the manager ever since he told us to pay for it and let him know how much it was.