We’re back!

Our trip was really, really good. We were both looking forward to going but Matt didn’t quite understand my love of Chicago. But as we were leaving he said he would definitely live there. I knew he would love it!

The weather was great. The only thing that could have made it perfect was less wind. But then we came home to windy Colorado so it didn’t really matter. It was in the low 60s while we were there and just perfect for all the walking around that we did.

We ate a lot of unhealthy food and I enjoyed every second of it, absolutely no guilt here. Gino’s pizza for lunch and Carmine’s for dinner on Saturday, then we grabbed a sandwich and two brownies at my parents meeting on Sunday and met my parents and three of their friends at Smith and Wolensky’s for dinner last night. Dinner was good and the company was great. I really love the two friends that we met, I’ve known them forever but hadn’t seen them in almost two years. They’re a couple of the most fun people I know, always interesting and just a blast to be with.

One of them brought another doctor that he works with and he was really great too. I sat next to him and had a good time talking to him, which was nice because a lot of the doctors I had been talking to earlier that day were incredibly dull. This guy happens to be the number one surgeon of his specialty (which I won’t write here in case someone happened to search for it!) and is obviously incredibly well known and admired in the medical world. It’s nice to meet someone like that who also happens to be able to speak like a normal person to us non doctor types.

It’s nice to be home now and able to relax. Our hotel was nice but the beds were a bit hard. I didn’t notice it until just now, but my hips are actually really sore. I’m a side sleeper and the hard bed on my bones really hurt and now they feel a bit bruised. Oh well, at least it’s good to know my hips are boney enough to hurt ;)

We did not take too many pictures while there, but a lot of ones that we did were really cute but also made me realize that I still need to keep working on the diet thing. I don’t want to look like I do in all my wedding photos.