The Spanx experience

I bought some Spanx last night.

Oh boy that was… interesting. The Nordstrom employee who helped me was really helpful and was kind enough to give me a smaller size to try on first. I’m standing there looking at this tiny, tiny thing thinking “It’ll stretch, it’ll be ok, you do want it to be snug.” However, after attempting trying it on, I decided that I would like it to fit more than just my thigh so I opted for the next size up.

I’ve never tired anything on like Spanx, so maybe all similar garments are the same, but getting that stuff on was a challenge! The employee told me to put it on like panty hose - slowly - and she was right. It’s one of those things that you pull up a few inches and then pull the bottoms up, then pull the top up, and then the bottom again. But once I got it on properly it is really comfortable and everything is all sleek and smooth.

I got it to go with the black lacey dress I’ll be wearing in Chicago. I mentioned the other day that it looks good on now, and it really does, but when wearing something with that much stretch, I want extra assurance that everything will look as it should.

Our flight is at 6:30 tonight and I’m not taking my laptop with me so this may be the last entry until Sunday evening. If it is I hope you all have a great weekend!

Just one more thing - proof that it’s a great weekend to get out of Denver: